Gastvrij Rotterdam 2024

Gastvrij Rotterdam
From September 23, 2024 until September 25, 2024
Rotterdam - Rotterdam Ahoy, Güney Hollanda, Hollanda
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Gastvrij Rotterdam hospitality exhibition 18 - 20 september 2023

The hospitality show for ambitious professionals Gastvrij Rotterdam is the place where hospitality professionals can meet.

Gastvrij Rotterdam, the hospitality exhibition in Rotterdam Ahoy for hospitality professionals who are ambitious. We are a leading gastronomic platform that brings you the latest trends, innovations and inspiration. You will find a wide range of products and services, both food-related and not. The fair will feature 500 participants and a variety of workshops, demonstrations master classes, competitions, and tastings. Don't miss this!

Gastvrij Rotterdam's program is a hive of competitions, masterclasses, tastings and networking meetings. Rotterdam has something to offer every professional, whether you're a chef or sommelier. Discover our programme in our Pavilions, Match Arenas and VIP Room.

The hospitality exhibition in Rotterdam is a great place to find inspiration as a professional. With more than 500 suppliers of food and non-food, you will be able to get countless ideas. The online floor plan for 2023 shows you the list of exhibitors, their brief description and the location of their stand. Now is the time to view the map online and prepare for your visit.

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Rotterdam - Rotterdam Ahoy, Güney Hollanda, Hollanda Rotterdam - Rotterdam Ahoy, Güney Hollanda, Hollanda


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