Kuyumcu Salonu 2025

kuyumcu salonu
From February 10, 2025 until February 14, 2025
Riyadh - Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh Province, Suudi Arabistan
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Kuyumcu Salonu 2024

Narrating a Timeless Story of Superior Craftsmanship. What's New This Year. Jewellery Salon and Saudi Vision 2030. A Gateway for prime Jewellers to mingle with Saudi Elite. Jewellery Salon Exhibition 2024.

JS is a Jewellery exhibition in Saudi Arabia that aims to reinvent the landscape of KSA’s jewellery industry by uniting reputed international and local designers on a single platform. The event aims to showcase the luxurious and well-crafted ornaments to an exclusive clientele which represents high-profile personalities and royalty. As the most exclusive jewellery exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa, JS is a decade in the making and has a one of a kind story that exudes a timeless charm and an aura of magnificence which is unlike any other.

The Most Exclusive Jewellery Exhibition in the GCC.

In alignment with Haya Al Sunaidi’s dream of promoting the participation of Saudi women in business all around the kingdom, the latest editions of the exhibition contributed to the blueprint of Vision 2030 put down by his Royal Highness and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman bin Abdelaziz al Saud by highlighting the talents of Saudi female designers. The convention also featured seminars to educate consumers about the authenticity of the diamonds they buy.

Saudi Arabia has the highest concentration of wealthy families in the MENA region, the Jewellery Salon acts as a gateway for foreign brands to gain the attention of an exclusive Saudi clientele. Local media named the convention ‘The Most Prestigious Jewellery Exhibition’ in the country. Every Year The exhibition receives an overwhelmingly positive feedback from exhibitors who appreciated the Arabian hospitality of the Locals and the unmatched potential that Saudi Arabia holds.

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Riyadh - Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh Province, Suudi Arabistan Riyadh - Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh Province, Suudi Arabistan


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